Your 5 weekly to-dos: Presidential campaigns, impeachment, prescription drug prices and more

We want to pause on our regular newsletter content to talk about some surveys we took of the Indivisible movement last week. 

Heading into the November Presidential Debate in Atlanta, we wanted to hear how the Indivisible movement was thinking about the 2020 field and which issues were at the top of your minds before any of the candidates stepped onto the debate stage again. 

More than six thousand of you, from all 50 states and the District of Columbia, shared your thoughts. And the results are in:

Graph showing responses to the question "If the election were held today, who would you vote for in the Democratic Primary for president?" Elizabeth Warren leads the responses followed by Pete Buttigieg.
  • Senator Warren remains the top choice of Indivisibles. In our ranked choice polling, a plurality of respondents said they would vote for her if the election were held today, with 83 percent of respondents listing her in their top five candidates, compared to 66 percent for Mayor Pete and 53 percent for Senator Harris.
  • Respondents are starting to make up their minds. 45 percent of respondents say they are unlikely to switch candidates between now and the primary, compared to 15 percent who think it’s likely that their preference will change.
  • Indivisibles want bold solutions to fix our democracy — and they’re judging candidates based on their policy positions. When asked which policy issues they were evaluating candidates on, 97 percent of respondents selected democracy reform. Climate change, health care, gun violence prevention and immigration were also all top issues, with over 60 percent of respondents selecting those as well. 

Following the debate, we sent texts to a separate focus group of nearly 4,000 Indivisibles and supporters in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, asking which candidate most inspired them during the debate. The results demonstrated the strong Democratic field: 

A graph showing the results of the question "who most inspired you at tonight's debate." Buttigieg leads, followed by Warren and Harris.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg (21%)
Senator Elizabeth Warren (17%)
Senator Kamala Harris (13%)

While Buttigieg and Warren lead the pack, six of the ten candidates on the debate stage received over ten percent of the vote. A notable exception? Former Vice President Biden, who only managed to outperform Andrew Yang, Tom Steyer and Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard. 

But of course — the debates were far from the only thing going on last week! Keep on reading for some more updates on what’s been going on and what’s coming up. 

First, your weekly to-dos:

 Your 5 weekly to-dos 

  1. Sign up to make some calls connecting voters to senators to demand a complete and fair impeachment trial. We’ve said this already, but we’re halfway to our goal of calling one million constituents of the 13 senators who really need to hear from them (senators who are vulnerable because they’re up for reelection next year and folks who are retiring and worrying a lot about their legacies). We’re asking you to call voters in those states and ask them to turn up the pressure on their elected officials. It’s a simple four-part process:
    • You call a progressive voter in a key state with one of these 13 Republicans. These folks are your friends — they attended the Women’s March and/or fight for progressive causes.
    • You explain how they have power now. You’ll remind them why the continued fight for impeachment is so important — and why they have particular power in this moment.
    • You ask them to use their power. Then, you’ll ask them to call their senator and make their voices heard on why we’re demanding courage in this moment.
    • You push a button and connect them to their senator’s office. The call tool will allow you to automatically patch them through to the senator’s DC office.
  2. Register or find a Trump is Not Above the Law Impeachment Eve event now. The night before the House of Representatives takes an historic vote to impeach Trump, as representatives finalize their positions and senators look on, we’ll head to every congressional office and public square to declare that Nobody Is Above the Law. There are more than 315 events on the map as of now with more being added every day. Take a look to find (or host) one near you.
  3. Tell the House to lower prescription drug prices by improving H.R. 3. Sky-high prescription drug prices are an urgent crisis for millions of Americans, and it’s time for Congress to protect people from Big Pharma’s greed. H.R. 3, which will likely get a vote in the House in mid-December, is a good start, but it can still be expanded to make sure it benefits as many people as possible. Call your Member of Congress and tell them to improve H.R. 3 using our call script above!
  4. Register for the National Activist Call on Dec 5 at 8 PM ET. We’re going to cover the latest updates on the impeachment inquiry in the House, share the latest updates on our presidential engagement process, and recap the work we did in 2019!
  5. Watch (or re-watch) our candidate interviews. Last week and today, Leah and Ezra launched a series of live interviews with the Democratic presidential candidates centered around the Indivisible movement as we continue our work to defeat Trump. If you missed them, head to our YouTube page to catch up! So far, we’ve talked to Senator Booker, Senator Warren, Tom Steyer, Mayor Buttigieg and Secretary Castro, and we have more invitations out.

 Support the Movement 

Last week’s impeachment hearings made it clearer than ever that Republicans will ignore evidence, laws, and precedents to hold onto power. The only tool we have to get them to do the right thing is constituent power: making sure Senators hear loud and clear that it’s time to impeach.

The great thing about our HubDialer program is that it puts activist energy to use where it’s most crucial. That means voters whose senators are already on board can still have an impact by helping other voters in key target states contact those senators.

Our biggest source of funding for impeachment calls — and all our work — is grassroots donations. That means we’re counting on you: please, rush a $10 donation right now so we can keep working on all our crucial programs. 

That’s it from us today, folks. Have a very happy Thanksgiving and we’ll see you next week!  In solidarity,
Indivisible Team
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