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April 2019 Vol. 4
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CA Indivisible StateStrong

Santa Cruz Indivisible is part of Indivisible CA: StateStrong which is a coalition of California Indivisible groups that are working together to help support and be involved in legislation in California. Read more...

Action #1

Deadline to call April 22: SB 200 (Monning) - to ensure that all Californians have access to clean, safe, and affordable drinking water. Summary of Bill: Close to one million Californians may be exposed to unsafe drinking water in their homes and schools, which impacts health and community development. A significant number of California residents rely on small water systems and wells, which face a threat of contamination. This bill would establish a permanent Safe Drinking Water Fund to provide a stable source of funding to secure access to safe drinking water for all Californians and also ensure the long-term sustainability of drinking water service and infrastructure. More bill info and link to call script.

Action #2

Deadline to call, now until April 27. Summary of Bill: Co-authored by Mark Stone. AB 392 changes the standard under California law for when police can use deadly force. Existing law, which dates back to 1872, allows for police to use any “reasonable” force. AB 931 would make it clear that an officer cannot use deadly force if they have any other reasonable options, that officers must use de-escalation and other tactics where feasible, and that decision-makers like courts and police departments must consider the officers’ conduct in creating the need for the use of deadly force in determining whether it is justified. This law would make California law the strongest in the country when it comes to police deadly force. Given the many police killings in California, most notably that of Stephon Clark in Sacramento, it is clear that we need an update on our laws around police use of force. Law enforcement officers kill more people in California than in any other state. Moreover, individual police departments in San Francisco, Seattle and Chicago have already adopted these stricter rules as their own policy. Seattle, which made the change in 2011, has seen reduced use of force without any increased injury to officers or crime. More bill info. Link to call script. Want to be part of the SCI StateStrong team? Contact us amanda

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Tuesday May 14th 5–6:30pm

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Upcoming Events

April Events

Today!! Saturday April 20th @ 11am–4pm at San Lorenzo Park will be Earth Day. Now, more than ever, we must join together to protect our environment. | Read more...
Sunday April 28th @ 1pm–3pm at the Homeless Garden Project Farm in Santa Cruz (Shaffer Road at Delaware Ave). Pie for the People is raising money for Santa Cruz: TransFamilies | Readmore...

May Events

Tuesday May 7th @ 5:30pm–7:30pm Do you have an interest in hearing the stories of people with differing perspectives? Do you want to share your story, your perspective with them? No debate–just respectful speaking & listening with a trained host to facilitate. This is the follow up to the April session on Tribalism 101. | Read more...
Upcoming Indivisi-Lobby Day in Sacramento Indivisible CA StateStrong is organizing Indivisible members from across the state to come on Wednesday, May 29th 9 am - 6pm for a legislative day in Sacramento. Sign up to attend!

5. Recent News

bf08b79e-e7af-4858-92d6-3fbf7d9c645e.png Indivisible Co-founders make Time100 list for 2019 We were so proud to find out that our Indivisible co-founders, Leah Greenburg and Ezra Levin, made the Time100 for 2019!! They could have not done with without YOU, our Indivisible members. You helped to build this political power and we thank you for being a part of it. Our work is far from done but we can do this together! Read more... df2fad1a-ed18-43b7-a875-63db2f41cb43.jpg Rapid-Response: Release the Report! On April 4th we had many SCI members join in on a rapid-response action coordinated nationally by MoveOn. Many thanks to Robin who volunteered to help organize the action at the Santa Cruz Clocktower. There were hundreds of other marches nationally with several others near us including our friends in South County Indivisible. Read more...
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