October Member of the Month!! – Ken Reichman

We have so many wonderful volunteers that are part of Santa Cruz Indivisible and want to take a moment to highlight Ken this month for all the hard work and dedication he has. If there is anyone that you feel should be nominated please submit us a brief description of why you think they should be nominated and email it to us at socialmedia@santacruzindivisible.org.

Here’s what Ken had to say when we asked him about why he’s involved in SCI:

  1.  Why did you get involved with SCI? With the Election of Trump, I saw the rise of a dangerous authoritarianism which could morph into an outright dictatorship.  Although I had always been emotionally reactive to abuses of human rights, to the disregard by many for the plight of the less fortunate, and to the outright slaughter of other peoples and of our own young soldiers, all driven by the greed and need for power by our leaders, I had never been politically active.  Trump changed that.After being depressed for months, avoiding the news, getting involved in activities that acted as distractions, Indivisible finally gave me a method of channeling my fear, anger and depression into political action.
  2. What Issue are you most passionate about? There are so many problems that have been caused by this White House, and that have been endorsed or enabled by the GOP, that it is difficult to focus on one issue.  But it is the actual harm done to the poor, to women, to minorities, to children, to the environment by this EVIL, that has given me “the courage to change the things that I can.”
  3. If you had 30 seconds with your rep what would you share and with which rep? Our House of Representative Jimmy Panetta.  He is doing much for hour local district and is speaking out against the Trump administration in town halls (where it is safe).  I understand he is a Junior Representative, but I need him to stand tall, be counted, and be LOUD!
  4. What are you currently involved in with SCI? I started being involved in Indivisible by working with Lisa Rose’s Facilitation group, explaining our strategy and tactics to the initial crowds at the Civic and being a Monitor for a several of the parades.  I have also been working with Amanda and Charles on the Bridge Brigade, making signs, and presenting our messages to the commuters as they pass under the Morrisey, Branciforte and La Fonda Bridges. My other main focus has been working with the International Relations and Defense Issue Group (IRAD) which has been so active in posting relevant, urgent calls to action on a variety of international human rights abuses, and of course on RUSSIA.As a group IRAD is now assisting in “Flipping the House in 2018,” by getting Devin Nunes out of District 22 (Fresno, Visalia, Tulare).  I am in charge of the Billboarding tactic for 22, and am working to procure billboards in this area, and coordinating with Masina, the District 22 Captain, and Sara from the Artist for Action Group, AART, to develop the Billboard message and graphics that will help support the other tactics in District 22 of canvassing, demonstrating, post-carding, phone-banking fundraising etc. (Check out the billboard HERE!)So much to do, so little time, such a great bunch of dedicated people to do it with.

Ken also had the pleasure of having dinner with poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti who so generously wrote a poem to share with SCI.

Trump's Trojan Horse