Events | Windivisible Launch | July 2020

Indivisible’s Windivisible launch live stream was on Monday July 27 at 8 PM et. Co-executive directors Leah & Ezra and Indivisible leaders talk about how we’re going to win in November. See it here: #activism#bluewave2020#windivisible#togetherwewin#Win2020#santacruzindivisible#indivisibleguide#indivisibleteam

Just Over 100 Days until the 2020 Election!

Read our latest newsletter!!Santa Cruz Indivisible was started in January of 2017 with the intention of fighting back against the current administration. The past three years have shown us that there is no rock bottom for this administration. Think back to why you became involved with SCI and what you’ve seen happen over the course…

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IRAD (Inspired and Resourceful Advocates for Democracy) News

Navajo NationHaving watched news coverage of the CoVid 19 escalation among fellow citizens atNavajo Nation in Arizona, several members of SCI’s IRAD group made contact with theAttorney General of Navajo Nation to determine medical equipment needs at their 13Health Centers. A member of IRAD (a retired physician) had an opportunity to purchasePPE equipment at a…

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Andrew’s Actions | Good Elections Results and Polls, Bad Coronavirus Numbers

Andrew’s Actions is a part of Santa Cruz Indivisible and was formerly known as Indivisible Santa Cruz before the groups merged. Look here for archived emails. Apologies for the long time between emails.  As I went to write today’s email I realized that I had neglected to send the last email that I wrote and…

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The Bugle | 2020 June Actions

Santa Cruz Indivisible is committed to doing the work and supporting our community members in Santa Cruz and beyond to help create long lasting change through political advocacy, allyship, partnership, and dedication to the vision of the America that we all want.A few weeks ago, we sent out an email with some great resources for…

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