Just Over 100 Days until the 2020 Election!

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Santa Cruz Indivisible was started in January of 2017 with the intention of fighting back against the current administration. The past three years have shown us that there is no rock bottom for this administration. Think back to why you became involved with SCI and what you've seen happen over the course of this presidency. Are you mad, frustrated, disturbed, outraged? You should be... but you can channel those feelings into action. We have just over 100 days to talk to people, write to them, and get them engaged. All with a pandemic as a backdrop. We are currently living through a globally historic time and it is going to take all of us working together to make sure that we all make it to the other side with our democracy in tact. 

In the upcoming months we will have many ways for your to get involved. We are working with several other grassroots groups to cover as many actions as we can. Our friends at Swing Left Santa Cruz have been hard at work already writing letters to voters and working to flip the Senate seat that Mark Kelly is running for in Arizona. Efforts are also underway in CA-21 to help keep Congressman TJ Cox in office. His seat was flipped in 2018 and the Republicans are supporting the opposing candidate with full force. We will also be selling our next round of postcards to voters focusing on various elections.

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