How to Run an Affinity Group

An affinity group is a group of members formed around a shared interest or common goal, to which individuals formally or informally belong. Affinity groups are generally precluded from being under the aegis of any governmental agency, and their purposes must be primarily non-commercial. Examples of affinity groups include private social clubs, fraternities, writing or reading circles, hobby clubs, and groups engaged in political activism.

At SCI, our Affinity Groups are engaged in political activism.  For example, a group could decide to send an email to a member of Congress on a certain day and ping each other as each person finishes. Or perhaps a group could decide to attend a rally together and coordinate carpooling, childcare and potluck for the event. Affinity Groups may also choose to socialize outside of events, host political discussions, or find other ways to give each other mutual support. Chances are good that you are already part of an Affinity Group, but don’t identify as such.

(Check back for) some tools and resources to support Affinity Groups:

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