Elections: Phone and Text Banking

Phone banking, or calling voters,  is an option for volunteers who want to voter outreach in another town or for folks who aren’t able to canvass.  Peer-to-peer texting is also effective, particularly for recruiting people to come to events and for GOTV.   There is often a tool that is used that provides the prompts and questions to help guide volunteers.

Get Going Now!

Many volunteers are needed as part of a successful effort to elect a progressive candidate.  Santa Cruz Indivisible has identified some swing districts that need your help with phone/ text banking,  turning them from Red to Blue!  Make sure you check the specifics for each event to know if you need to bring your own computer, phone or headset.

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Are you intimidated by the idea of doing voter outreach?  While not specific to phone or text banking, Santa Cruz Indivisible  has workshops that cover the basics of canvassing.  After this workshop, you may find that the skills are transferrable! Upcoming Workshops

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