Elections: Canvassing


Canvassing is going door-to-door to have in-person conversations with voters.  Depending upon how close the election is, the questions may differ.  Early on, you may be making sure that voters are registered or listen about issues of concern. Closer to the election, you may be asking for support for the candidate and giving them info or that extra push to get to the polls.

Get Going Now!

Volunteers knocking on doors and talking to voters can make a big difference.  Many volunteers are needed as part of a successful effort to elect a progressive candidate.  Santa Cruz Indivisible has identified some swing districts that need your help canvassing and turning them from Red to Blue!

Learn More…

Are you intimidated by canvassing?  Santa Cruz Indivisible  has workshops that cover the basics of canvassing, effective canvassing communication skills, and preparation and practice. After this workshop, you’ll be able to decide if this type of political action is a good fit for you.

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