Advocate! Call or Write Elected Officials

Calling elected officials is the best way to have your voice heard.  When they know how constituents feel about issues, it can influence their position!  It’s thought that writing elected officials may be less effective and is certainly less timely.  However, it is a way to express your point of view and often is a way to build community, e.g through postcard parties.

We make it easier

Santa Cruz Indivisible wants your voice heard by your Member of Congress.  To make it easier for you to take action, even on a daily basis, we highlight hot issues, complete with example scripts and contact information.  Our MoC Watchdogs issues team regularly publishes Report Cards so you know how our elected officials are doing.  We put on events so you can join others in the community.

Get Going Now!

The first thing to do is pick your issue and determine who needs to hear your voice. There are issues that pop up every day. Our elected officials might also need thanks and encouragement to keep going.

Want more information on the hot issues of the day?  How about a call script and the phone numbers of who to call?  Use our Daily Actions to call or write your Santa Cruz Elected Officials.
Hint: It’s recommended that calls and letters/postcards be sent to local offices rather than Washington for timeliness.

Download your Personalized Contact Card PDF and keep it handy for writing anytime on anything.  Load the phone numbers into your phone for easy dialing.

How are our elected officials doing?   The Santa Cruz Indivisible MoC Watchdog issue team produces a quarterly report card to make it easy for you to track.  Member of Congress (MoC) Report Cards and other News.

Sometimes calling or writing is easier when done with others.  Come to one of our monthly SCI Wine & Sign events to join other activists to write postcards on timely issues from our Pats & Prods.

Tutorial Videos

Learn More…

There is just not enough time to research all the hot issues thoroughly.  Thank goodness that Indivisible National and Indivisible CA StateStrong make available more information and toolkits about of the most critical federal and state issues.

There are many active bills at once and each may be in a different stage of the legislative process. Two resources which work to make clear the status of  legislation and how our Members of Congress have voted are  and  ProPublica’s Represent.

If you need more notifications of actions to take, subscribe to other sources of daily or weekly notifications

Be a Leader

You may have a group of friends that are like-minded activists.  Get them together at your own postcard party (here are some hints from Indivisible East Bay) or create an affinity group  or issue team that meets regularly.

Elected Officials Personalized Contact Card

MoC Contact Card