Indivisible CA: State Strong | 2018 Legislative Session Victories

Brought to you by a member of the Members of Congress (MoC) Watchdog Issue Team,  Alex Kane

Indivisible CA State Strong is a coalition of Indivisible groups that work on advocacy at the CA state level, targeting policy. The 2018 legislative session just ended, and boy did State Strong hit it out of the park! Here is the list of potential victories if signed by the governor (all bills in CA):

  • AB 3131 – Police demilitarization: PASSED. If signed, this will be the first Indivisible-sponsored bill to become law in the country.
  • SB 822 – Net Neutrality: PASSED. CA just passed the strongest net neutrality bill in the country! State Strong was instrumental in stopping numerous attempts to neuter it by corrupt democratic legislators. 
  • AB 84 – Bringing more corporate money into CA politics: KILLED by Indivisible group opposition. Turns out the politicians aren’t as willing to introduce corruption when they are under the spotlight
  • AB 813 – Electric grid regionalization: KILLED by Indivisible opposition. This bill would have given control of the CA electrical grid to coal producing states and the Trump administration, and would have reversed gains in renewable power.
  • SB 100 – Renewable energy goals: PASSED. Puts CA on par with Hawaii for having the most aggressive renewable energy goals in the country, 100% by 2045.Passed under pressure from Indivisible.
  • SB 1421 – Increased Police Record Transparency: PASSED. CA has the most secretive police records in the country and this bill will change that.

(See this unfortunate postscript on the Net Neutrality bill:   Internet service providers just pulled the big teeth out of California’s new net neutrality rules )