Help Save our USPS and thank our Local Postal Workers

Spotlight on the USPS Project

Several SCI members have collaborated in starting a group to maintain a spotlight on the
issues surrounding the dismantling of the USPS by the Trump appointed Postmaster
General, Louis DeJoy. The USPS was established by the Constitution (Article 1,
Section) as a service – not a business

The purpose of the project is to:
1) maintain awareness of dismantling actions that have already occurred and help the
general public become aware of continuing actions to harm this service;
2) support those working in our USPS who are both essential and working under
undue hardships;
3) protect the USPS as a service component essential to a functioning community;
4) keep a spotlight on the politicization of a non-partisan service that impacts all
members of a community regardless of party affiliation;
5) encourage voting.

1) Hold signs outside the Post Office of your choice for 1-2 hours on a day and
schedule that works for you.
2) Share information with the interested public
3) Hand out artistically designed postcards (by Caroline Bliss-Isberg) to the public
encouraging them to support their Postal Worker

Marilyn Humphrey at for more detailed information.- please put
Spotlight on USPS in the subject line. You will be contacted by Marilyn or Susan
Thank you for considering this important action.