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Rep. Panetta Defends His Protection of Trump on Impeachment in Meeting With SCI

Editors note: On Aug. 13th, 2019 Nancy Guinther of Aptos led a team of SCI activists in meeting with Rep. Panetta concerning opening an impeachment inquiry into President Trump, based on the allegations of obstruction of justice in the Mueller report. Below is Nancy’s account, including editor’s notes, links, and added emphasis. I was surprised…

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Activists Demand Rep. Panetta Shape Up on Immigrant Rights

On Tuesday, July 2nd, I joined activists from MoveOn to ask Rep. Panetta to work harder on ending the Trump-created crisis at the border, as part of MoveOn’s nationwide #CloseTheCamps protests. I met the activists at the scheduled protest in front of the clock tower in Santa Cruz, and we walked to Rep. Panetta’s office,…

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CA Indivisible Lobby Day

Thank you SCI Member Faye Johnson for representing Us in Sacramento yesterday! #GoodStuff we are proud of all your research and being our Indivisible CA: StateStrong Liaison/Rep!! The bills they lobbied for yesterday included: For on ACA6  #Health4All  #AB1217  #AB392 Against #SB386 Additionally, Indivisible: Met with Assemblymember Todd Gloriaand his Legislative Director Juan Reyes to ask for his support on #ACA6 #Freethevote. Met with Assemblymember…

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House Congressional Committees | Info and Membership

The United States House of Representatives has been very active since the start of the 116th Congress. The House’s 26 committees consider bills and issues and oversee agencies, programs, and activities within their jurisdictions. Here’s how you can follow the House Congressional Committees, including their hearing schedule: Membership: Schedule:

Panetta leads first year in Report Card scores; Harris lags surprisingly behind.

The Members of Congress (MoC) Watchdogs issue group developed a special report card to review the performance of our federal MoCs, summarizing one year of our quarterly report cards. We evaluated the performance of our federal MoCs against the expectations of National Indivisible from Quarter 3 2017 through Quarter 3 2018.  Representative Panetta performed the best, followed by…

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