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Impeachment Rally June 15, 2019

Last Saturday at the SCI Impeach Rally at the Santa Cruz County Courthouse! Ryan Coonerty, John Leopold and Carson D. Kelly were the speakers. Lots of support and lots of HONK HONK …. HOOONNNNKKKK!!! Peace signs and Fists from passing drivers. Please keep calling Rep. Jimmy Panetta and Congresswoman Anna Eshoo to co-sponsor H.Res.13 -…

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Members of Congress (MoC) Report Card | Q1 2019 for Rep Panetta

Brought to you by the Members of Congress MoC Watchdogs, a Santa Cruz Indivisible Issue Team. This newsletter covers Q1 2019 – January thru March The Members of Congress (MoC) Watchdogs issue team developed this newsletter to help you track your MoCs. Various sources, including VoteSpotter, Countable, GovTrack, VoteSmart, and FiveThirtyEight, were used in the…

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Federal Judicial Vacancies, Nominations and Confirmations | Oh My

One area where the Trump Administration and Republican Senate have been busy is in Federal Judicial nominations and confirmations. There is an online resource to track the vacancies, the nominees and the confirmations of the US Courts.  It includes an archive by month as well. Please see our Daily Actions and MAKE CALLS to make…

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House Congressional Committees | Info and Membership

The United States House of Representatives has been very active since the start of the 116th Congress. The House’s 26 committees consider bills and issues and oversee agencies, programs, and activities within their jurisdictions. Here’s how you can follow the House Congressional Committees, including their hearing schedule: Membership: Schedule: