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Just Over 100 Days until the 2020 Election!

Read our latest newsletter!!Santa Cruz Indivisible was started in January of 2017 with the intention of fighting back against the current administration. The past three years have shown us that there is no rock bottom for this administration. Think back to why you became involved with SCI and what you’ve seen happen over the course…

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Indivisible Action| Take the People’s Agenda Pledge

The relief packages were not enough to help the American people!! Billionaires received more relief funding than the American people and have profited from the pandemic. This is unacceptable. Take the People’s Agenda Pledge and then call or write your rep today and tell them we need a long term solution! The Trump administration’s…

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2020 Census | I Count, You Count, We Count!

Now – July 2020 JOIN US From Home. Have you filled out your 2020 Census? Now, more than ever we need everyone in Santa Cruz County counted. To fill out your Census online click HERE. The coronavirus has created a challenging dilemma in reaching out to community members to fill out their Census form and the Community…

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