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Carson’s Corner | 2018 Year End and Looking Forward to 2019

Happy New Year to you! I hope this finds you well. This letter is being written 7 days after the 116th Congress has been seated in Washington D.C. This Congress is the most diverse in the history of the country and boasts a historically high number of female representatives. More importantly, this Congress restores the…

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Carson’s Corner Feb/March 2018

Dear Indivisibler, I hope this finds you well. Things continue to develop in a very problematic way. The Republican party has been totally hijacked by Trumpist T-Partiers who are hell-bent on protecting this President with all they can muster. Their policy platform continues to be empty of new ideas, and in their place, they cling…

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Carson’s Corner December 2017

Dear Indivisibler, I hope this communication finds you well. The Indivisible Guide turned one this past week, and as it happens, the founders of Indivisible, Leah Greenberg and Ezra Levin, came to meet with myself and a few others in Santa Cruz. It was great to celebrate the first birthday with Ezra and Leah; both…

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