Who We Are

Santa Cruz Indivisible is a group of 4000 people who are engaged as active citizens in the political process at the local, state, national and international arenas and focus on a progressive political agenda.

To this end we honor the vision of the founders of the United States:

  • To be informed of the facts of the civic issues of the day
  • To be informed about the founders’ vision for the United States of America
  • To participate in a dialogue about policy with all fellow citizens
  • Concern ourselves with the welfare of all of our fellow citizens
  • To pursue a progressive political agenda

We are a chapter of the Indivisible National movement and use the Indivisible Guide as part of our tactics.

Values Statement

  • To stand behind, and implement progressive values through our elected officials and the democratic process.
  • Respond | Resist | Restore – We will Respond to the new and ongoing attacks on the progressive political legislative gains that have been made in the past 20 years; we will Resist further attacks, and we will Restore any damage done in the short term with a view for the long term.
  • We hold dear the founding principles of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness for all citizens regardless of race, gender, economic status, sexual orientation or religious affiliation. All people have the inherent right to these values.
  • We conduct our actions with non-harming intentions nor do we seek conflict for conflict sake.
  • We will work with all citizens towards solutions that bring all citizens benefit, including the principle 7th generation from the Great Law of Peace from the Iroquois Nation (which was recognized by the US Congress to have had a significant impact on the development of the US Constitution)

Indivisible Guide

As an Indivisible group, we follow the 26-page guide, Indivisible: a Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda as a key tactic in our efforts. Most actions involve influencing our Members of Congress, MoCs. They listen to their constituents inside their districts.

 Download the Guide (PDF)  Descagar la Guía (PDF)

SCI Board and Management

Santa Cruz Indivisible is run totally by volunteers. Some of us have day jobs, children or other loved ones at home to attend to, other activities in our lives, etc. None of us have a lot of “extra time.”

We are carving out time in our schedules because we all have an obligation now for what we call “Daily Political Activism”. For the volunteers of SCI, Political Involvement is no longer a choice with so much at stake. We are in this for the long haul, and the goal of this group is to create a mechanism and group of people that can inform one another on issues, and take actions as necessary and as our time allows.

Please consider getting involved in the Administration of this group. If you don’t do it, who will? If you are helping and your name is not on this list, let us know! admin@santacruzindivisible.org

Board of Directors

  • Carson D. Kelly, Co-Founder
  • Shannon M. Kelly, Co-Founder
  • Kathy Cytron

Management Team

  • Carson Kelly – Executive Director
  • Amanda Harris Altice – Communications Director
  • Angela Marshall – Director of Membership Development
  • Sarah Buonsante – General Admin
  • Masina Hunnicutt – Blue Wave District Captain
  • Faye Douglas Johnson – CA StateStrong Liaison
  • Jenny Evans – Project and Community Organizer
  • Ken Reichman – Bridge Brigade Lead Organizer
  • Caroline Bliss-Isberg – 2020 Electoral Lead Organizer

Group Leads

  • Economic Policy Group – David Apgar
  • Climate Solutions – Alexandra Klikoff / Margalete Ezekiel
  • Public Lands, Waters & Wildlife – Brandon Bible
  • Finding Common Ground Group – Ken Koenig
  • Black Lives Matter Advocates – Cynthia Kingsbury / Laura Pascal
  • MoC Watchdogs – Alex Kane / Linda Alves
  • Local Politics – Josh Brahinsky/Micah Posner
  • Gun Violence Prevention – Christine Smith / Judy Keenan
  • International Relations & Military – Melissa Grudin / Fred Seamon
  • Freedom of the Press – Pat True / Cliff Freidlander
  • ERA, Reproductive Rights, and Planned Parenthood – Madeline Tomlinson


  • Amanda Harris Altice
  • Angela Marshall
  • Andrew Ow (Andrew’s Actions)

Editing & Writing

  • NEEDED – Editorial Lead

Web Team

  • Robyn Pearson- WP Guru
  • Janine Roeth – Project Manager
  • Ran Silvers– Webmaster

Social Media

  • Chris Bowman – Facebook Admin
  • Amanda Harris Altice – Facebook Admin
  • Ercilia Medeiros – Instagram Admin
  • Amanda Harris Altice – Pintrest Admin
  • NEEDED – YouTube Admin
  • NEEDED – SnapChat