5Calls Actions | What Congress is doing against Coronavirus

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A Stronger Response

States are beginning to ramp up their response to Coronavirus with limitations on public gatherings, non-essential store shutdowns and even shelter-in-place requirements in high-transmission areas.

You may find yourself with some extra time on your hands this week, use that time to encourage a strong response to Coronavirus from your representatives. Social distancing and other isolation measures slow the spread of the disease and can save the lives of your community members.

And if you do nothing else, take care of yourself and your loved ones by taking the recommended steps from the CDC to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. \

Support, Delayed

After negotiating with the White House, Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats agreed to a plan to help provide free COVID-19 testing, paid emergency sick leave for some workers, and expanded federal funding for Medicaid. Even though time is critical to respond to the outbreak, Majority Leader McConnell and Senate Republicans are threatening to delay this urgent legislation.

Call to Pass a COVID-19 Plan

Videochat Your Rep

This week, the House of Representatives is on recess. This is the time to ask your rep to hold a Tele Town Hall to discuss the federal response to the COVID-19 outbreak, and your community’s plan to keep your family safe.

Call to Join a Tele Town Hall