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This week we’ve seen a preview of the budget that the White House considers ideal. Not the one that Congress will ultimately vote on, as always, but it gives some context for how the President sees his responsibility to citizens of the United States.

The budget would:

  • Increase military spending by $460 Million to more than $3 Billion total, so that we can pretend to have high-speed missiles like the Russians
  • …but also cut intelligence programs for the military, which aren’t valuable for a President who doesn’t read them
  • Extend Trump’s tax cuts to Millionaires and Billionaires, while reducing pay raises to federal workers by more than 50%
  • Remove federal student loan subsidies, while also not making college any less expensive
  • Transform education funding by providing block grants to states, reducing the number of college graduates in the US
  • Reduce funding for medicaid and healthcare to the tune of $1 Trillion, including making it harder for people to get on medicaid
  • Cut farm programs, deepening the looming family farm collapse for the American heartland
  • …and even more

If you still think that this is a serious proposal, consider that the budget claims to reduce the deficit to zero as well – a promise that Trump also made during his campaign – and yet the deficit has remained at more than $1.2 Trillion for each year of his presidency.

Don’t be too concerned that this budget will be seriously considered by Congress, but stay aware at how this administration sees the public: as a resource to be drilled until it’s empty.

The ERA Within Reach

With Virginia recently becoming the 38th state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, we have finally achieved the number of states needed to add the ERA to the US Constitution. This week the House will vote on legislation to remove the old deadline for ERA ratification so the amendment can be added.

Call to Extend the ERA Deadline

Second Chances for Republicans

The sham impeachment “trial” of Donald Trump exposed Republicans for what they are: afraid of Trump. While many GOP Senators expressed dismay for Trump’s actions, they did not believe his criminal behavior is impeachable. Demand that they formally censure Trump since they have already said they believe what he did is wrong.

Call to Censure Trump

Bolt-on This Extra Testimony

House Democrats must not allow Trump and Senate Republicans to get away with a cover-up of Trump’s illicit conduct. Demand your representative subpoena John Bolton and other key witnesses to testify publicly and under oath so Americans can get the full story of Trump’s corrupt conduct.

Call to Demand Bolton Testify