5Calls Actions | Coronavirus Prevention Week

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An Uncertain Diagnosis

It’s important for the government to share a unified and consistent message during uncertain times like our current COVID-19 onset. Without it, citizens can pick and choose their preferred level of concern based on convenience, not the facts at hand.

That’s why it’s so concerning that listening to Trump and announcements from the CDC gives two very different views of what’s going on. For Trump, coronavirus is simply a panic and no real threat exists. In contrast, the CDC understands that hundreds of thousands of lives are at risk if people don’t take basic precautions against not just getting sick, but spreading the virus to others.

The USA remains number 1 though – number 1 in the lowest numbers of coronavirus tests performed per capita. Without an accurate count of where the virus has spread and where it might go next, it’s nearly impossible for us to take the steps needed to control the spread of the virus so our health care system isn’t overwhelmed.

Of course, for some politicians “the economy” is much more important than being reliable in a crisis. And maybe that won’t even save him this time.

Please keep yourself and your community safe by listening to the CDC guidance: wash your hands regularly, avoid places where you may have contact with many people and keep yourself quarantined if you suspect you’re sick.

Yes, We Still Have a Muslim Ban

With 13 counties now covered under Trump’s Muslim travel ban, it is time for Congress to act to end this pointless program. The No Ban Act, which the House will vote to pass on Thursday, will end the travel ban and place limitations on future restrictions.

Call to End the Muslim Ban

Bipartisanly Anti-War

This week the House will vote on a Senate-passed resolution that would rein in Trump’s ability to use military intervention on Iran. After Trump’s unilateral decision to assassinate Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, both Republicans and Democrats united to pass this needed check on Trump’s power.

Call to Prevent War in Iran