Month: December 2019

Rep. Panetta Won’t Commit to Defund Hate; Endorses Full Impeachment of the President

On Monday, Nov. 25th I met with Rep. Panetta in Santa Cruz as a lone member of Santa Cruz Indivisible during that Thanksgiving week. Originally, I had tried to get a meeting with him during the October recess to try to persuade him to support the impeachment inquiry. Now, a month and a half had…

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Co-Executive Director Ezra Levin on MSNBC to discuss #ImpeachmentEve Events

LEVIN:  “If you Google image search Indivisible logo, you`ll find the national Indivisible logo, and that`s all well and good, but you`ll find literally hundreds of other Indivisible logos from all over the country because this is fundamentally a movement that is led at the local level.  And the reason why it`s had the impact…

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Indivisible Actions | Your 4 Weekly To-Dos (and a very simple strategy for impeaching a president)

Three big things today: impeachment, scorecard and debate week! We’ll start with the most time-sensitive: the House is voting on articles of impeachment for Donald Trump on Wednesday. This means you should be on the phones in the morning calling your reps all day and taking to the streets tomorrow, December 17, to let the…

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