Month: February 2019

Members of Congress (MoC) Report Card | Q4 for Rep Panetta

Brought to you by the Members of Congress MoC Watchdogs, a Santa Cruz Indivisible Issue Team. This newsletter covers Q4 2018 The Members of Congress (MoC) Watchdogs issue team developed this newsletter to help you track your MoCs. Various sources, including VoteSpotter, Countable, GovTrack, VoteSmart, and FiveThirtyEight, were used in the creation of this newsletter….

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Andrew’s Actions | A Movement Based On Love

  Daily Action(s) On Sunday afternoon we had a great general meeting for Santa Cruz Indivisible. Although Indivisible started as a way to #resist the worst of Trump’s agenda, it has grown to be so much more than that. We elect progressive candidates. We pass legislation that protects voting rights, reduces pollution, expands health care,…

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CONTACT MOCs! – Green New Deal Legislation introduced – need support now!

In 2018, our movement put the Green New Deal on the national agenda. In 2019, we’ll build a groundswell of support for the Green New Deal in every corner of the country and make sure any candidate running for President knows that if they want to earn the support of young people, they need to…

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Andrew’s Actions | State of the Union: Not Great

Daily Action(s) The good news is that Trump caved on his demands regarding a southern border wall and the government is now open again. The bad news is that funding runs out again soon and it’s unclear if Trump will try to shut down the government again if he doesn’t get funding for the wall….

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