Month: June 2018

Wine and Signs | It’s Our Anniversary!

We are celebrating 8 months of Wine & Signs!  Each month, members come to one of six locations and send off those Pats (Thank you!) or Prods (Get it done!) to our Members of Congress and many others. Look at our calendar for upcoming Wine & Signs and check out our anniversary video below.

Why Courts Matter & Action is Needed to Stop GOP Judicial Stacking

A Blue Wave in November is coming … when we take back the House we can reverse Trump’s Executive Orders. However, Judicial seats are being forced by the GOP without the use of the Blue Slip Process and some with little or no hearings. This will affect our civil rights for MANY decades. Senator Harris…

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2018 California Primaries – The Results are In!

Here are key numbers for 2018 turnout vs. 2014: CA-22 = D+32% R-36% (Nunes) CA-25 = D+80% R-2% (Knight) CA-39 = D+83% R-6% (Royce) CA-45 = D+76% R-14% (Walters) CA-48 = D+62% R-12% (Rohrabacher) CA-49 = D+60% R-6% (Issa) CA-50 = D+44% R-9% (Hunter) Santa Cruz had a 24.47% voter turnout for the Primary. That’s…

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The Importance of Local Solidarity

by Susan O’Connor Fraser Have you been keeping track of what’s happening at the border? Are you angry? The idea that this administration is separating children from their parents, caging them, and shipping them thousands of miles away has been declared crimes against humanity by the UN. This is America, and we’re committing crimes against humanity….

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California Leadership Series | Representatives Panetta and Eshoo

The first California Leadership Series on May 31st with Jimmy Panetta, Anna Eschoo and moderated by John Laird was a great success!  Excellent rounds of questions submitted by the audience provided us with candid answers and some humorous responses.  Photography by Jennifer Kane Look at our Event Calendar for the next California Leadership Series: Santa Cruz Indivisible Presents A…

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